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For combination sessions you may select our Readings session, or sign up for individual sessions. Baggage Release is a separate complete session.

Options include sessions in my Old Bisbee office, at your hotel or outside in a quiet setting.


Shamanic Counseling, Intuitive Readings provide guidance for most issues, and problems. Readings/ counseling for personal, family, business relationships, general decisions, life direction. Answers basic questions. Allows clearer picture of now and future events you create. In person, phone, e-mail.
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Baggage Release

Channeled guidance provided with intermediate counseling allows you to discover core causes of your issues and release them forever.

Let go of old emotional and physical baggage in a powerful 2 hour release session. You will identify then release, deep seated trauma, chronic health issues, bad habits etc. that traditional medicine can't diagnose or fix.

Removes the block of locked memories/ buried issues, hidden away for years. Compress 10 to 20 years of traditional psychotherapy or counseling into one session.

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Your "adjustment" continues to work after your session. Create your life as you "really choose" using your own internal guidance and by staying in the now. 2 hour session for first time recipient recommended. In person, by phone.

Medical Intuitive ~ Scanning

Internal scanning for existing or developing dis-ease, i.e. traumatic events, weak organs, unhealed areas in, on or around your body. Can find issues connected with your belief system or other exterior situations infringing on your energy.

Scanning shows past childhood to current health related condition. May also show future tendencies. OK to ask for detail scans of specific areas. Valuable as a second opinion in a medical situation and for personal change.

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Compare to a CAT scan without the technology or cost. If a situation is found medical follow up may be recommended. Knowledge provided allowing you to improve your health and potentially solve chronic health problems. In person, by phone.
healing hands

Healing Hands

Hands on energy healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and eliminating stress in the body and aura field. Stress management that supports self-healing of the body. Good for pain release and other minor (sometimes major) body problems.

A wonderful stress release experience. Pain reduction of 50 % or more is common in one session. Recommended on a regular weekly or monthly schedule.

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More Healing Options

• Pre and Post-Op energy work for accelerated healing.
• Eliminate prescription medications or recreational drug use.
• Withdraw from religion or religious guilt. Yes it's a big one.
• Ascension Adjustments.


Cord Cutting

Powerful method of letting go of old relationships. If you have a reason to leave it behind, this is it. Let go of toxic family, failed marriages, lovers, bad business deals. You have completed these events and its time to move on.

Forgiving yourself and by not thinking about it— keeps cords from re-attaching. Usually done in person, although i have seen people dissolve their own cord with guidance.



Gift Certificates

For a family member, friend, stranger or loved one. Healer Readings certificates are available for any of our services or events. When purchasing, in the merchant note line, indicate the recipients name to be listed. Or just phone/ email the information to us.
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