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Me and my new fins went into Lydgate this afternoon! Managed to swim further than before - subtle layers of fear kept coming up and they brought me to the self connection I was experiencing yesterday. So all is good. To be continued.. I appreciate your contribution to my process. Aloha, Joan
Without you & Erin, it would have been pleasant enough, but there was such a depth of releasing with the work from both of you that I returned to my ordinary paradise with new eyes & heart. I again began a clearing of physical stuff at home, have a deeper focus on what is important to me & am more open to just being. Ellyn A.

Have felt a strange calmness all day - even though there has been lots of stress around me. Almost out of body calmness. Caroline G.

Intense energy is right. Yes, I've been experiencing, processing the energy movement from Saturday,last night bringing about and thru my being a battle with lightning and a walking thru then beyond the door of fear. I'm open. I'm grateful for our interaction. Be well, Nichole

Wow what a treat, I always help other people read between the lines its hard to do that for your self at times. I am greaful that you took the time. allergic to my own blood message = cant stand myself or my life anymore.
so boged down from trying to be the best person = not giving yourself time (to heal).
very caring person who wants = not your job to work on everyone
self talk unconscious = old programing
I help so many other people = too much personal energy, weak source connection
positive affirmation = i let go of everything and everyone that is not supporting me
is there a way to deflect his negative energy = (see positive affirmation). Marianne

It was such a PLEASURE once again spending time with you yesterday afternoon. I so enjoy our exchanges.......of the heart and mind AND of energy! When I went to bed last night, I heard a very high pleasant and constant sound......kind of like sweet chimes. At first I thought it was coming from the outside and even asked Otto if he heard anything. He didn't and then I got very still and realized it was coming from the "inside" simply a "tune" of sorts from another plane. was a most beautiful sound that left me very peaceful and somehow......altered, in a way I can't quite describe in words. Jan C.
Comments from: Spiritual Health and Wellness with Terrence Schlesinger!
Febuary 22, 2011 at The Blake Foundation. Tucson Energy Healers Group Hana R. amazing . Deirdre This was my first meet-up with this group and it was very interesting. Mr Schlesinger was very gracious in accommodating many with his gifts and insights.…
Tod G. Excellent. loved it. Araya: A wonderful experience of a healer...appreciated his time and willingess to share his gifts. Annette: Quite an exceptional and gifted being, thanks for providing the opportunity to encounter someone with his gifts. Mark M. Very cool and authentic feeling. Pam H. It is inspiring to see Mr. Schlesinger work. Rita: Very interesting. Thanks for creating this event Jay Dee and thanks to Terrence for generously sharing his gifts.

I made the trip to Phoenix to perform with the pipe band and it was the calmest I’ve ever been for a pipe band competition. I had almost un-noticeable nerves just before competing, no butterflies, no shaking, no forgetting the music. I played my best competition performance by far. For once I could focus on the music and not the fear.

Thank you! I’ll most likely be arranging to meet with you again to work on an addiction I have that nothing else seems to help. All the best, Tod G.

Thank you for helping me w/ your healing. I've felt great, slept a lot on Sunday. Feeling more at peace than I've ever felt! Also, a great sense of excitement and freedom from within. Tiffiny T.
Just wanted to share that I've been experiencing some major shifts since our session. Mosquito told me that I'll never have to worry about money again. Since our session, I've been able to communicate with animals again. I was able to locate a missing object for Ron by "seeing" where it was. He got rather spooked though. And have been in a creative flow with mosaics, which is very enjoyable.

I had a breakthrough last night. Not a full-shift but really close. Writing to you facilitated that!!! Thank you. :) Love, Banu
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